Do No Fee Tickets Really Exist?

There are many online sites that offer entry tickets for sporting events, concerts, plays, and attractions. Purchasing tickets online is convenient, less expensive, and quick. There are no lines to wait in; no travel required if the event is out of town; and no need to guess about seating. Sites provide a map of the venue that indicates where rows, sections, and balconies are located. People can select available seats exactly where they prefer to sit. That is also easier for groups to determine sections that will accommodate their size.

Purchasing tickets online is not a foolproof process so buyers have to keep a few things in mind prior to spending money. Some sites claim to have the best seats at deep discounts. Buyers see the low pricing and jump at the chance to save money. What they fail to do is read all the terms and conditions posted on the site. A substitution clause that states the company reserves the right to substitute tickets when necessary may be included in the site operating terms. It is possible that the tickets purchased may not be the ones left at the venue, or delivered through the mail.

Another issue some customers encounter is the addition of hidden fees during the checkout process. The price of the tickets for that major league baseball game may be excellent, but a handling fee is added to each ticket, along with shipping fees. Most shoppers expect to pay a reasonable shipping fee, but are not prepared to pay additional fees. The transaction ends up being less of a bargain than originally boasted. Some sites charge a handling fee per transaction, which is clearly stated when ordering tickets. That adds to the total, but is not exorbitant. There are a few rare sites that actually do offer No fee tickets for sporting events, concerts, and plays. The cost of the tickets, plus standard shipping, is all that is ever charged for tickets available on that site. Compare several sites prior to purchasing tickets to make sure the best deal is found. Once a site that offers great pricing without handling fees is located, it would be wise to place it in favorites for future reference.

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